Thursday, March 3, 2011

Journal 3: 100 things that make me happy

100. My girlfriend 99. The feeling I get after completing all my homework 98. A cup of English tea
97. Mumford and Sons' music 96. Depeche Mode's music 95. Radiohead's music 94. A good book on the Titanic 93. A good book on  American history 92. A good book on astronomy 91. A good book on politics 90. A good book on philosophy or religion 89. Reading a very good poem 88. Writing a very good poem 87. Sleeping in on the weekends 86. Hiking 85. Going for walks on cold days 84. A dash of liquor in my coffee 83. Traveling in Europe 82. The films of Robert De Niro pre-1990 81. The film Fight Club 80. The film Titanic 79. Celtic and Gaelic folk music 78. Rainy days 77. Pat Metheny's music 76. The film Terminator 2 75. A very good episode of Real Time with Bill Maher 74. The idea of Jonny Greenwood playing the accordion or banjo for Radiohead someday 73. The tv show Father Ted 72. The scene from one episode of Two and a Half Men where Jon Cryer walks into the room with spray-on hair dripping down his face 71. The writings of Christopher Hitchens 70. Watching or listening to Hitchens give a speech or debate someone 69. Dancing 68. Hanging out with friends 67. A good game of scrabble 66. Sitting by a fire on a cold night 65. Any book by Chuck Palahniuk 64. Any book by Sam Harris 63. Not having any homework to do at all 62. The sea breeze 61. The smell of the sea 60. A hot bath before going to bed 59. Fishing 58. Snowboarding 57. Drawing portraits of the moons of the outer gas planets 56. Drawing castles 55. Helping my mother around the house 54. Looking at the night sky on a clear night 53 George Carlin's stand-ups 52. Irish spring soap 51. Lightly toasted buttered bread 50. Taking off my dirty shoes and socks after a long day outdoors in the rain 49. A woman's smile 48. The smell of incense 47. Bowling with friends 46. Teaching someone something 45. Recovering from a headache or sickness 44. Reading in bed before I fall asleep 43. The rare times my sister shows me warmth or affection 42. The end of a traffic jam 41. Singing along to good music 40. Driving in the country side 39. The film The Godfather 38. The film The Godfather Part 2 37. Good conversation with my aunt 36. The anecdotes my aunt's boyfriend tells  35. Taking a cool shower at the end of a hot day 34. Beautiful women in full length overcoats 33. Drinking coffee or tea in the sun on a cold day 32. Writing about my life memoir-style 31. Reviewing and critiquing films 30. Critiquing books 29. Critiquing music 28. Period films with exquisite set design 27. The smell of liquor 26. The smell of pine trees 25. My cat snuggling on my lap 24. Cornish pasties 23. Hamburger casseroles 22. White castle cheeseburgers 21. Pot pie dinners 20. Tuna fish subway sandwiches 19. Meatball marinara subway sandwiches 18. Half-spaghetti-half-ravioli dinners at Bruno’s 17. French fries 16. Sambuca coffee/liqueur mixes 15. My cat sleeping flat on his back 14. The jingle bell of my cat’s collar 13. Raisin bran 12. My cat lapping up the milk in my raisin bran  11. Bran muffins 10. Blueberry muffins 9. Taking naps in the afternoon 8. My father not nagging me 7. The feel of my face after shaving for the first time in a week or two 6. Taking a warm shower when my house is fifty degrees 5. Wearing my hair long and shaggy as opposed to short and "teacherly" 4. My girlfriend's hoarse voice in the morning 3. Scrambled eggs doused in ketchup 2. Going to the bathroom after holding it in for a long time 1. Completing this assignment 

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